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Location. Location. Elation.

Nickel & Nickel Winery | Napa Valley, California

It Started With a Single Thought

Each individual vineyard is alive. At least, that’s how we see it at Nickel & Nickel. Alive with nuance and personality and attributes and peculiarities that shine through in every vine, in every grape, and ultimately in every wine that originates from this land.

At Nickel & Nickel, single-vineyard, 100% varietal wine is what has given us our reputation for dynamic, interesting, nuanced Napa Valley Cabernets. Every one of our wines is the pure expression of its particular vineyard. No two vineyards are alike. No two Nickel & Nickel wines are alike. And the discrete and expertly-tended vineyards that make up Nickel & Nickel assure devoted wine lovers of a singular and extraordinary wine experience every time.

1997. It Was a Very Good Year.

This was the year we discovered there was more to Far Niente than, well, Far Niente. Many vineyards we worked with at the time demonstrated extraordinary potential, and it was from here that the Nickel & Nickel quest for single-vineyard wines began. Over the years, this effort has proved more than successful as Nickel & Nickel continues to be the one and only standard-bearer for exquisite single-vineyard wines in the United States.


Nickel & Nickel endeavors to produce 100% varietal, single-vineyard wines that best reflect the characteristics of each vineyard. Our grapes are grown in some of the most coveted vineyards in the Napa Valley, which is exactly what you would expect from the partners of Far Niente.

Try several and enjoy the extraordinary winemaking skill, as well as the differences each wine offers.

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To Each Its Own Expression

The story, and the uniqueness truly start in the vineyards and in our decades of experience in growing and making some of the world’s finest Cabernets. Not just in one vineyard, but in the finest AVAs (American Viticultural Areas) throughout the Napa Valley. Nickel & Nickel has handpicked vineyards that resound with individual expressions of Cabernet so distinct, lush, and compelling that your mouth waters in anticipation of discovering your next new favorite.

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Moving Forward While
Honoring The Past

Nickel & Nickel is located in Oakville, Napa Valley along Highway 29 on 42 acres originally settled as a farmstead in the 1880s. Our collection of classic barns adjacent to the site’s original Queen Anne-style home takes you back to a time when craftsmanship and hard work meant something. At Nickel & Nickel, it still does. Housed within the farmstead structures is an ultra-modern winery specifically suited to producing small-lot, single-vineyard wines. That is our craft. That is our calling. And the beautifully built barns that surround us remind us every day that craft and calling matter.

Plan Your Visit.

Set in a gorgeous Napa Valley farmstead set right off of Highway 29, the Nickel & Nickel winery is unique in its rustic, yet sophisticated style. There is a feeling one gets the moment the property comes into view, which only becomes enhanced as the experience takes hold. The pièce de résistance would be the variety of offerings, which reflect our penchant for expressive single-vineyard wines.

Explore our idyllic wineries and enjoy a seated tasting of our exquisite, world-renowned Napa Valley wines.

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